Building Community Around Food.

About the Society

Shuswap Food Action Society’s mission is to raise awareness of food security issues and to build community around food. We think everybody has the right to an affordable, safe and nutritious diet. We also think everybody should know how to grow, cook and eat it! By supporting our local food system, we are increasing the sustainability of our community. 



In order to bolster our local food network, Shuswap Food Action plans to facilitate lasting relationships between producers and consumers and to decrease the barriers of people accessing and preparing healthy foods that are produced by our community.

“Eat Local” is a relatively simple concept with implications that resonate throughout the whole community. A strong local food system means residents benefit from the availability of safe, nutritious food, while producers benefit from the increased revenue and the community benefits from more money remaining in our local market place.

If you wish to learn more about us or become a part of the Shuswap Food Action Society contact us at