Locally grown food helps support a sustainable environment.

About the Co-op

Shuswap Food Action is an organization that has taken up the challenge of raising awareness around food security issues with the ultimate goal of initiating a local food policy.

Food security occurs when every member of the community has reasonable access to affordable, safe, nutritious food that has been locally produced.

The promotion of a sustainable local food system lays the foundation for a more prosperous economic climate.

By maintaining the agricultural character of the area and enhancing the availability of unique regional products the Shuswap will become even more attractive to residents and prospective visitors.

In order to bolster our local food network, Shuswap Food Action, in conjunction with a number of other groups, plans to facilitate lasting relationships between producers and retailers, to encourage low income and “at risk” groups to eat more nutritiously and to promote wider accessibility of local products for the general public.

A strong local food system means residents benefit from the availability of safe, nutritious food, while producers benefit from the increased revenue and the business community benefits from more money remaining in our local market place.

“Eat Local” is a relatively simple concept with implications that resonate throughout the whole community.

If you wish to learn more about us or become a part of the Shuswap Food Action Co-op contact us at info@shuswapfood.ca


(250) 253-4385