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Shuswap Food Action Holiday Potluck Dec 7th

Come join us to share a meal and each other’s company as Shuswap Food Action seeks to Build Community Around Local Food! We’ll share a meal, meet and greet, enjoy local beverages and treats and host a book exchange.

Shuswap Food Action will provide the local pastured-raised Turkey from Averys Acres and we encourage our guests to bring the trimmings!

Please do RSVP and fill out this form as we continue our planning. https://forms.gle/cFaHmod6Q1mgsG6Q8
Facebook event here : https://fb.me/e/3ThdBRueK

Let’s exchange knowledge too with books and resources related to food — recipes, policy action, systems — and growing it — gardening, farming, organics, etc! Donations with the exchange will support Mamas For Mamas Shuswap to help fill their larder with school lunch/snack needs for children in our community.

We hope many of our supporters, members, volunteers and local food advocates will gift us with your presence as we celebrate our gratitude for this amazing community and region we live in.

Sunday Sessions for Self Sufficiency for November

Sunday Sessions November 2023
Come learn with us this Winter as we bring local educators and a variety of topics into the Buckerfield’s conference room to further our goal of educating the public about the WHY of growing one’s own food and the importance of a local food system! Come learn how to grow, raise and make your own food and medicine. Learn more under Projects – Sunday Sessions in our menu bar!