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Contact Shuswap Food Action for more information about leasing your farm land to a local farmer. Contact us at to get the process started or consult with the FarmLink, the Young Agrarians and/or the LLAF (contact info below).


Reduce Property Taxes by Leasing Land

Call BC Assessment – Farm Assessor at 866-825-8322 Ext 19242
Ask if you would be eligible to lease your farmland to reduce property tax.


Post your land on the Map:
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Phone: 519-836-7046 Ext 103

Young Agrarians

1. Email a description of your land & photos to and ask them to add on their Land Blog. See what others have posted

2. Post your land information on the map

3. Find detailed information in the BC Land Access Guide & Lease Templates:

Linking Land and Farmers (LLAF)

Land Owner information:

Sample Agreements:


Shuswap Food Action is an organization that has taken up the challenge of raising awareness around food security issues with the ultimate goal of initiating a local food policy.