School-based Programs

School Meal Programs

Having access to nutritious food is essential to student well-being. This year, we are running hot meal programs at Jackson Secondary, Shuswap Middle School and South Canoe Elementary. Our goals are to create culture and community around food, engage students in trying new foods and learning where there food comes from! This is our head cook at Shuswap Middle School and South Canoe Elementary, Sheena, with orders of freshly made Greek Chicken Bowls!
There are many barriers to getting local, healthy meals in schools, and Canada remains one of the few industrialized countries without a national school food program. School food is a great way to provide high quality, nutritious food to students who may otherwise not have access.

Healthy food is pivotal to creating healthy brains, healthy bodies and positive mental health which will directly correlate to how well students can succeed in school.

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Current Volunteer Needs

Souper Meals at Zest Commercial Kitchen: All spots are currently filled for kitchen prep. Current needs are for delivery and/or serving soup at various Shuswap Schools. Learn more under Souper Meals located under our Projects tab.

If you would like to help with school lunches, please navigate to our volunteer page and fill in the form or email our School Meal Coordinator, Mary at

Shuswap Middle School Winter Menu 2024

Jackson Winter Menu 2024

South Canoe Winter Menu 2024