It’s time to congratulate ALL the Shuswap youth who participated in our Project Grow: Youth Garden contest this year! 2023 was our first year running this program and we were blown away by both the amount of kids who wanted to get involved to the work and effort they did to grow beautiful gardens! Thank you to the kids and their parents for taking part and doing such a great job. You can see more and enjoy the journey of many of the kids here at the Facebook Page :
This past weekend at the Salmon Arm Fair, we invited the 32 youth who completed a garden and their families to come to the opening ceremonies to meet one another, receive their Fair Passes and also to announce the 3 finalists of the contest.
3rd Prize went to Jasmine Stiles (Salmon Arm)
2nd Prize to Finn Albisser (Sicamous)
1st Prize to Madison Schubert (Enderby)
Thank you to SASCU and Salmon Arm Fair and Shuswap Lake Agricultural Association for providing the RESP prizes, to Buckerfield’s Salmon Arm for the seeds and plants to get the youth started as well as gift certificates for the prizes. Another big thank you to the Salmon Arm Fair for the Family Fair passes for everyone.
 We absolutely want to do this again next year and encourage everyone, youth and adults, to grow food and not lawns and share with your community!
Look ahead to 2024 

Are you ready to have your youth discover how rewarding it is to nurture and grow your own garden? Here is a great opportunity for them to better understand where food comes from and how to create food security!

We provide the seeds, you grow the garden! The contest is open to youth aged 9-12 residing in the Shuswap. Gardens will be scored at the end of July-Mid August with a special showcase in the Salmon Arm Fall Fair.

While learning to grow fruits & veggies is amazing all by itself, there are great prizes to be won for the top 3 gardens! All adjudicated  gardens will receive a weekend Fair Pass for participating.

Grant options are available and there is a Facebook Group dedicated to support all participants.

Project Grow is an initiative of the Salmon Arm Fair, Buckerfield’s and the Shuswap Food Action and supported by SASCU & Grow and Change Horticultural Services.