Souper Meals provides a shared hot lunch experience for all students made from local ingredients, including a bowl of home-made soup, a bun and fruit.

Shuswap Food Action piloted this project last year as a soup program. This year, we’ve grown, providing hot soup 3 days per week to 18 different Shuswap Schools.

Every week, we are making soup from local ingredients at Zest Food Hub and delivering it hot and ready-to-eat to schools, along with an Inspired Bread multigrain buns and fruit.

For its success, this project does greatly benefit from volunteer support through meal prep (chopping a lot of veggies) and also delivering soups to schools. If you have an interest in seeing nourishing meals provided to Shuswap students, we encourage you to fill out our volunteer form here and see how you can become involved!

For more information, contact:

  Oct 3 Chicken Lickin’
  Oct 10 Taco Biz
  Oct 17 Veg “G” Diva
  Oct 24 Corn Chowda
  Nov.1 Jack-o-licious
  Nov 8 Mac N’ Cheese
  Nov 15 Taco Biz
  Nov 22 Chicken Lickin’
  Nov 29 Corn Chowda
  Dec 6 Chicken Lickin’
  Dec 13 Gobble Gobble
  Dec 20 Taco Biz

My child doesn’t like soup!

We encourage students to be curious and open-minded. Our experience has been that when surrounded by friends and peers in a positive environment, most students enjoy the soup, even if they wouldn’t eat soup at home. If you are worried about your child not eating enough, you can send extra food.

My child has food sensitivities and/or restrictions.

Ingredient lists for all of our soups are available below.