Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions for Self Sufficiency is a series of topics with our desire to have more Shuswap residents passionate and able to grow, raise and make their own food and medicine.

There is so much we can learn from the experience of people throughout the region and from each other! We encourage you to join us this season and take in as many Sessions as your schedule allows. Can’t make it? We’ll record as many as we can!  See videos below to learn from past presentations!

To make these sessions accessible to all, each talk had a sliding scale fee of $5 – $15. All fees collected will go towards the cost of the series and to support the Shuswap Community Teaching Garden.

This project is a continuation of the Food Security Series presented by Buckerfield’s, Shuswap Food Action, and the Salmon Arm Fair and Shuswap Lake Agricultural Association during the Fall Fair. A core value of SFAS is education and we aim to provide the opportunity for everyone to be able to learn more about the important skills for playing a large part in one’s own food security.


Sessions Located At:


1771 10 Ave SW

Salmon Arm, BC

Sessions are hosted at Buckerfield’s in Salmon Arm in their upstairs conference room. The location may change for specific topics and that will be listed beside their description.


Session Hours:

This Season is now complete until Winter! Be sure to check back in November for updated Sessions.

For hands-on-learning during the Spring and Summer, see our page for the Shuswap Community Teaching Garden.


Program Contact:

If you have topics you would like to have covered for the future, please let us know! If you have valuable experience and knowledge to share with your Shuswap Community, please get in touch! 

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Past Session Recordings

YouTube playlist of our Sunday Session recordings.

Pruning Fundamentals with Harriet Hanna Mar 12/23

You’ll learn that pruning is a reasonable and predictable science and that by knowing some key plant growth principles, you can improve flowering and maintenance and reduce or increase plant size depending on the pruning methods used.

Growing and Using Herbs with Jenny Wesle -The Magical Activist Mar5/23

Learn from Jenny some great culinary and medicinal herbs to grow and how to use them for vibrant health.
Learn more about Jenny here:

Nose to Tail - Raising pigs sustainably with Tri Schaafsma of Wee Acres Farm Feb 19/23

Learn about raising and pasturing animals and efficient uses of electric fencing. Let’s talk about the significance of diversity of plant material and, when the life cycle of an animals comes to an end, the many uses of using all parts of the animal including rendering your own source of fat like lard!

Make your own Maple Syrup with Shelley Work, Ravenwood acres Feb 12/23

Shelley Work of Ravenwood Acres discusses when and how to tap maple trees and create your own syrup.

Eat your greens and supercharge your health with juanita Miller of joyfully nourished feb. 5/23

Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. Learn how to get more greens and herbs into our diets and WHY we should! How can you grow all these greens year round? How can we help our children eat more greens too!

Raising your Own Flock with Toni Walton of Avery's Acres Jan. 29/23

Whether for having your own fresh eggs or raising your own meat, Toni Walton from Averys Acres will lead this Beginners 101 class on how to get started and the methods she uses to raise her own chickens organically and humanely. Follow along with Toni and Bence’s journey here

Planning your garden for 2023 with Sue moore of Sudoa farm Jan 15/23

Sue Moore, professional organic grower, goes through the core elements of growing a garden and asks us “WHAT do you want to EAT” and then we learn HOW to grow it after! She asks questions to help you review the garden you had last year and think about the garden you want this year!

Homesteading in modern times with Una St. Clair of High Croft Off Grid Farm Dec 4/22

Una takes us through the perspective shift on what it means to homestead and living a life that is more in-tune with the cycles of Nature. Una and Ernest came from farming on the West Coast and settled in Sorrento, BC and have created a beautiful example of a Permaculture, off-grid farm where they raise livestock, grow food, host events, sell their locally produced food and teach others the techniques of sustainability with modern influence.

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