Volunteer Opportunities

Our most current volunteer needs are listed below:

School Meals Programs

Our school meals programs are growing and greatly benefit by having volunteer support for our school cooks! No cooking background is required yet enjoying food prep is an asset and knowing you’re providing nourishing meals to students is joyful!

Souper Meals Soup Program

Souper Meals has expanded greatly with the assistance of the Feeding Futures funding. To create (and deliver) nourishing meals for students in a locally-sourced and sustainable way, we do require volunteer support! Volunteers head to Zest to pick up our travel-proof containers of soup, local buns and fruit and deliver to schools in Salmon Arm and our surrounding area. Most are drop off primarily yet others are seeking assistance with helping serve students too. 

These areas below are our highest priority at this time. If providing nourishing meals to students appeals to you, please email Mary Nichol, our School Meals Coordinator and see how you can help!

Carlin Elementary – Every second Tuesday, 11-1:30pm  – Delivery and service of soup to students

Ranchero – Every third Tuesday.  11-12:30
Deliver & Help with serving lunch

PVSS/Highland Park – Every second Wed. 10-12:30 – Deliver and help serve

PVSS/Len Wood – Wed. Once a month 10:30-12:30 –  Deliver Deliver to PVSS and then to Len Wood and help serve

PVSS/AES – Wed. Once a month 10:30-12:30 –  Deliver to PVSS then to AES and help serve

Grindrod, AL Fortune, MV Beattie – Thursday.  10:00-12:30. Delivery to each location & help with serving and clean up at MV Beattie.

Lunch with Friends/Okanagan College – Every Thursday.  11-12pm Delivery to each location

Gas cards are available for volunteers delivering outside Salmon Arm (Enderby, Grindrod, Lenwood, Armstrong.)

If you are interested in helping in one of these schools or dates, please fill out the form below and add your particular interest into the notes section. AND… please know how valuable volunteers are to our School Meals Programs!